We do that by ripping up the conventional industry and finding a new way of working. We storm our brains like two rams with itchy heads and start working on an idea for a new piece of the BRIUS family.

With the pre-order we all win: you get a new item, before anyone else and with a better price. We have greater facility to produce.


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Prototype & Idea

During our trips, or listening to your comments and needs we start to develop an idea, a new product. We then develop and make a prototype with cherry-picked manufactures in Europe.

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Preordering campaign

Once the prototype is satisfying, we shoot it, and we launch the pre-ordering campaign for a limited time, with a special price!

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Step four, we total the products and units ordered and fire up production. We keep you posted in progress, with a few insights on the production of the items right up until delivery.

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Last but not least we send you the product you co-created. You can now finally use it and look forward to many happy years together.
And, remember, having confidence in BRIUS has its reward. And of course you have a 100% refund GUARANTEE